Vertical BNC Jack

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Bayonet style coupling
Quick connect/disconnect
Various options for different applications


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Single port
P/N Housing Material Impedance PCB Clip
B-900V(W) PBT, White 50Ω Round Post
B-900VK(W) PBT, White 50Ω Fork
B-900V(B) PBT, Black 50Ω Round Post
B-900VK(B) PBT, Black 50Ω Fork
B-950V Zinc Alloy 50Ω Round Post
B-950VK Zinc Alloy 50Ω Fork
B-930V(W) PBT, White 75Ω Round Post
B-930VK(W) PBT, White 75Ω Fork
B-960V Zinc Alloy 75Ω Round Post
B-960VK Zinc Alloy 75Ω Fork

Dual port
P/N Housing Material Impedance PCB Clip
DB-933VKI(B) PBT, Black 75Ω Fork